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A lifetime of travel and adventure is a dream to many of us, but for John and Megan, owners of a brand new eatery in downtown Victoria, it was a lifestyle. “We spent many years traveling to different places, exploring cultures and cuisines; our aim is to bring the best of each world to Victoria”, explains Megan. And that is exactly what they offer. An innovative fusion of fresh tastes and spices, Tulip Café and Rice Bar brings a whole new vibe to downtown Victoria.


Beachy Australia, Mediterranean Turkey, European Germany, beautiful Dubai, and their own Persian origins among others all combine to bring you a variety of dishes that challenge tradition, exceed expectations, and respect your budget.


Their signatures? A variety of piadinas, a dish that originates as a classic Italian street food. “Normally, served with cold cuts. But we thought, why not add Persian spices to these?” And so they did, replacing the cold cuts with healthy grilled beef or chicken, both marinated and seasoned with Middle Eastern flavors, and topped with organic greens and vegetables, fresh pesto, and a side dish of yogurt – a staple of the Mediterranean diet. The result is a culinary experience that we did not know we were missing.


Each day, Megan also prepares a “rice special”, which combines long-grain basmati rice, saffron, and a unique blend of nuts, beans, and herbs. “Rice is a staple of Persian meals, so we like to showcase a variety of these flavors, in a healthy and affordable way” says John.


Perhaps the most impressive part, however, is their attention to details and willingness to customize each plate to each customer.  Whether their customers are vegan or vegetarian, allergic to certain ingredients, or simply wish to enter into an environment where their unique lifestyles are respected and appreciated, Tulip works with each individual. No exceptions.


Tulip Cafe and Rice Bar, is definitely the place to try.


18 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Dear Admin,
    As I was going to work this morning, I realized that there is such a nice little cozy Persian restaurant here in Victoria! Are you going to have lunch or dinner all-you-can-eat Persian food buffet? What about afternoons and evening; will there be coffee and tea?
    I am so looking forward to it!
    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you for your interest
      We will serve breakfast and lunch coffee and tea
      Looking forward to seeing you in our cafe😊

  2. While wandering around for our Friday lunch destination today my friend and I came across this delightful cafe. I had the #4 grilled veggie piadina – absolutely delicious. Will definitely go back again and again.

  3. We stumbled across this little gem as we were out looking for lunch. What a treat, so glad we snuck our nose in! Lovely atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food. The menu is intriguing, we will definitely be back!

  4. I love this place. Great food. Super nice people.
    Fast service. Fresh ingredients and good price,recommend to everyone.

  5. I really enjoyed the Beef Piadina – it was tasty, fresh and, healthy. It is an international fusion style. I strongly recommend Tulip Cafe. I enjoyed the tea – I had lavender with rose bulbs steeped together.

  6. I will be returning with a friend on Friday, June 30, to have my 3rd very good meal at your place. The food is very very good and the ambiance is an oasis in Downtown Victoria. See you then!


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